Park History

William Hibler acquired the property later called Longview Farm, once encompassing over 350 acres, directly from the United States government in the 1820s. The Hibler homestead was not at this location.

Upon Hibler’s death, 160 acres of the property was deeded to daughter Susanna. It was immediately sold to a neighbor, James McKenney who resold the property in 1854 to Henry Niebruegge for $4,232.

Henry and Clara Niebruegge added another 80 acres to their original 160 in 1856. The 1878 atlas shows a house in the approximate location of the present house. As you enter the old basement you can see the hand-hewn logs that were part of the substructure. This would have been the storm cellar and jelly cellar.

The original part of the barn is approximately 120 years old. The logs on the side of the barn are remarkable. They are big old timbers that were hand hewn by the Indians. Wooden pegs hold the logs together and some square headed nails are used throughout.


Author: Aubree Kennedy

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